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Dr. Timothy Johnson, President

Johnson and Johnson Medical Solutions

I crave a rewarding challenge and wish to be a disruptive and innovating part of the changing healthcare system. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida I am currently the owner and president of Johnson and Johnson Medical Solutions.


I am actively involved in promoting the integration of Pharmacogenetics as a standard of care in all medical practices. Enzymes responsible for drug metabolism and proteins that determine the cellular response to drugs (receptors)are encoded by genes, and can therefore be variable in expression, activity level and function when genetic variations are present. Knowing whether a patient carries any of these variations may help health care professionals individualize drug therapy, decrease adverse drug reactions and increase the effectiveness of drugs. I also assist physicians in pathogen testing, hereditary cancer screening and advanced cardiovascular risk assessment. I provide pertinent information to my physicians help them determine how they can improve patient care not just sell a lab test.

I am a retired chiropractic physician with a twenty plus year experience in the orthopedic and medical arena. My experience includes patient evaluation, treatment and co medical management of orthopedic conditions of the spine and extremities. In my practice I have established close physician relationships with orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine physicians, pain management specialists, neurologists and family doctors.


My undergraduate training was performed at Liberty University in Virginia where I was awarded a football scholarship and received a BS in Biology. Later I attended Texas Chiropractic College in Houston, Texas, graduating with a Doctorate of Chiropractic.


I have had the opportunity to serve as President of the Pinellas County Chiropractic Society, on The Board of Directors and President of the Florida Chiropractic Association. In 2000 I had the privilege of being selected as chiropractic consultant for Major League Baseball.

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